Monday, July 29, 2013

Haro Master repaint 2013


Right now I'm in the process of getting a fresh look to my 1987 Master. In 2006, I started a cleanup of the bike. I kept in sunfaded survivor mode. Mainly, removing all the surface rust. Rusty Bars (sounds like a porn star)

I debated whether or not to repaint it to the original red paint one day, but getting it cleaned and ridable was the main thing at that time. Here are pics of that process.

Haro on Haight

So here we are in 2013, the bike is once again going through metamorphosis. I always liked the 1988 Haro team bikes. I distinctly remember some of them riding black models. It's kinda like then a pro sports team makes a black variant of their team jerseys. Liking the black scheme and knowing it'll be easier for West Coast Powder Coating to do, I decided to go to the dark side. Here are some progress pics.

 26 year old stickers off
Stripping the paint

More to come. Stay tuned.

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