Tuesday, May 14, 2013


From my friend Chris: "5/12 @ 20:45, in the Metreon Parking Garage my bike was stolen. Fuji Roubaix ACR 3.0. Gray with red and black trimmings. Reflective spokes, Shimano 105 pedals, and a monkey electric light on the rear wheel. The saddle has a Viva Los Vegas ribbon tied onto the rails. And a zynga sticker on the seat post. Sentimental over anything this bike meant so much to me and Mayumi."

The Mini and the Mustache

Current pic I've been riding the Soma a lot lately. I finally decided to swap out the road drops for some mustache bars. I considered getting the Nitto RM-16 (same as my XO). But decided on the Soma 3-Speed Mustache Bars to keep it all brand match-ey. This was mainly to alleviate the problem of hitting my knees on the shifters as I climb.

The Soma model has longer flat sections and is a bit narrower than the Nitto. Harley wrap Soma 3-Speed Mustache bars

Here's what it looks like now. Soma

And as far climbing goes, I don't have the accidental shift problem anymore. Big-ringed the 3 B******s