Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Soma Fabrications Mini Velo


My new bike. I won it at the SFBC Winterfest. I was intrigued by the mini format after seeing the Bruno bike. I saw a couple at Bike Expo in a FGFS spec. So when I saw the Soma at Winter fest I got excited and decided to bid.

Soma Mini Velo

Counter bid

I now own a Mini Velo and I love it! feels a little familiar because of my bmx bikes as far as handling. I have commuted with it and will continue to do so. I am currently looking for fenders that will fit it (20") and not cost a lot. Any suggestions?

Here are a couple more pics
Beautiful Headbadge

Nitto R-14

In front of Push

Obligatory drive side picture

Thanks to the SFBC, Soma Fabrications, Planet Bike, and Brad at American Cyclery.


  1. i love it! how much did you win it for? for fenders, maybe some old schwinn 20 inchers from ebay or some new repos from a lowrider shop. not lite, but purty. also ask dave- i bet he has some for you.

  2. I won the auction at $700.:D The Schwinn route may work. Although I am trying to keep it light.

  3. I just tried to tuck some Wald medium weight ones in there. No dice.

  4. Finally got McCauley fenders. Win! Pics on the blog soon.

  5. Is that a Soma brand rack or aftermarket? It looks great.

    1. 3 year late reply. :) It's a Nitto rear rack. It moves from bike to bike.

  6. Do you by any chance still have this bike?