Monday, December 19, 2011

SOLD: 1992 Bridgestone XO-3

Front 3/4

Up for your consideration is a 48cm Bridgestone XO-3. Very low mileage - probably less than 300. It has a few scratches and knicks on the rear triangle but otherwise the paint is vibrant and colorful.

Changes made:
- GB randonneur bars
- Cinelli stem
- Suntour bar end shifters
- Tektro brake levers
- KHS Uno fenders


Interested? Contact me at owlboogie @ gmail .com

Suntour Bar bar end shifters

Tektro cross levers


Rear 3/4

Knicks and scratches

More photos:


  1. 2 things. Yes it is a clean bike. One thing that takes away from the value is the handle bars and shifters are not original, they were originally moustache handlebars with "dummy levers". Also bridgestone released the XO-3 on the '93 and '94 rosters only. I do like the wheels as well! Do you know what size they are? If there are 26" x 1.1" I would be happy to talk to you.

  2. rob - nope, that's an 82 XO-3; check the BS catalog. But the 92 was a Taiwan bike, tig welded. You're right that the cockpit is not original. The original in 92 had a very curved back mountain bar, not a mustache, with thumbshifters. Unlike many other brands at the time, the 93, and especially 94 XO-3 was a nicer bike than the 92 because they went back to Japanese lugged frames and better speced components.

  3. This was a 1992. The lowest model of XO that year, probably a more consumer targeted bike the the 2 or 1. It had the arc bar that Velomann mentioned and also 700c wheels. The 1994 XO-3 was essentially a watered down 1993 XO-1. :) THAT would be quite a find!