Monday, May 23, 2011

My bike history

These are all the bikes I have owned in the past. I'll try to use my own photos as much as I can, but some I just don't have pics of.

1977(?) Huffy Sundance (I think that's what it's called)
Me on my Huffy Sundance in 1980

1980 Huffy Pro Thunder (not my pic). I had this in silver and red with solid metal mags. Back then I'd just roll up onto curbs without lifting my front wheel.

19xx(?) Torker BMX (not my pic). I bought a Torker off of my friend, Butch. It had bad karma. Neighborhood bullies thought I stole it from their friend. I didn't like riding it. Sold it to my other friend, Carlos, up the street.

1986 Mongoose FS-1 (not my pic). I rode this one for about 2 years. Sold it to my friend Rob. Pretty awesome.

1987 Haro Master, Still have this and still ride it once in a while.
Haro on Haight

1996 Schwinn Moab-3. Bought this in 1997. It was on closeout at Pacific Bicycle. Sold in 2008.
1996 Schwinn Moab.3

2002 We the People Pony. Flatland machine. Sold it due to not having room.

1985 Schwinn World Tourist. A project bike/conversion as a tribute to Jam Master Jay.
Tourist 03.21.09

1983 Rampar Rapide. Dumpster save project. Classed it up. My brother in law rides it now.
Rampar: the long view

1994 Bridgestone XO-5. Fun bike to retrogrouch out.
Inverted North Road bars

2007 Jamis Komodo. This got stolen. :\

1993 Bridgestone XO-1. I will have this bike for the rest of my life. :D
Noe Valley

1992 Bridgestone XO-3. Bought this to tinker around with.

Well, I think that's all of them. There are a couple I bought to flip. But these are the ones I actually rode at one point of time. Kinda neat to see it all laid out. :D

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  1. Sweet collection. Thanks for sharing, I may have to go back through the archives of my mind and dig up my old mounts. I can't ride anymore, but have great memories.